Richland Municipal Dog Pound


Contact Richland City Hall for details 573-765-3532




We provide for the residents of the City of  Richland a temporary dog pound facility. At our facility we provide food, water,  and shelter for lost or abandoned dogs until they can be owner claimed or adopted.

Certain fees may apply, contact City Hall at 573-765-3532 with any questions.

4 Responses to Richland Municipal Dog Pound

  1. misty paddock says:

    We are missing a male beagle named Shiloh. He is fixed and wearing his rabies tags. Please call me at 573-765-5244 we miss him badly

  2. Blakely Wilson says:

    I was wondering if you have seen our dogs who have been missing a month maybe more. Nina is half rottie half great pyrenees, she is large, with long hair and a curled tail, her fur is browns with white underneath in some places. Very laid back girl Bandit is a half pit half min pin male, orange with white underneath. He looks more Pitt than min pin. He was wearing a large leather collar. Viktor is a young white and brown pitt, mostly white with brown spots. They loved to explore together so I thought maybe someone could jabbed picked them up and brought them to you thinking they’re lost

    • I do not see a date on this question as to when you enquired about your dog. Please go to the City Facebook page and make inquiries and you will get a much quicker response from us and others who may have seen your dog.

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