Electric Rates:

The City has several rate schedules which include Residential In Town: 1st 25 kw = 8.86; Residential Out of Town: 1st 25 kw = 11.52; Commercial In Town: 1st 25 kw = 6.90; Commercial Out of Town: 1st 25 kw = 9.45.  A Rate table is used for all addl kw.

Water Rates:

The City Rate Schedule for all categories: 1st 1000 gal = 12.00 all addl usage = .002250 per gallon.

Sewer Rates: 

Residential Sewer Rates: 1st 2000 gal = 15.00; all addl usage = .00318 per gal               Out of Town Sewer Rates: 1st 2000 gal = 19.50;   all addl usage = .00413 per gal

Natural Gas Rates:

Residential Rate: Minimum 9.00 charge, plus addl charges for usage                                 Commercial Rate: Minimum 16.00 charge, plus addl charges for usage                  Industrial Rate: Minimum 50.00, plus addl charges for usage

Trash Rates: (Max 4 – 30 gallon bags per week to be picked up street side)

Residential: $ 9.60 per month.

Senior Citizen Trash Rate (must be 65 or over including spouse)  for $6.75 per month. Senior Citizen must come into City Hall to fill out the Senior Citizen form with identification.

Commercial Trash is only allowed to be picked up by permitted Sanitation Companies.

Allied Waster Mgt: 573-346-3637                                                      EZ Disposal 417-533-7870

M & M Sanitation 573-736-5994                                                    WCA 800-358-7274

The Utility Application MUST be turned into City Hall with IDENTIFICATION.

Utility Application